There are two “MAJARs” which connect Shahjahanpur City. One “MAJAR” is of “SHAHID AHAMAD ULLAH SHAH” – a great freedom fighter of 1857’s struggle while another is of “SHAHID ASHFAQULLAH KHAN (KAKORI KAND)”. Maulvi Ahamad Ullah Shah started his struggle from Faizabad (U.P.). From there, he came at Shahjahanpur. His life ended at Shahjahanpur . After 70 years, Ashfaqullah initiated struggle against British Government.

Due to a great freedom fighter, British Government hanged him in the prison of Faizabad. The way which connects these “MAJARs” is called “SHAHID RAMPRASAD BISMIL MARG”. There is a old building of Arya Samaj temple in the way in which Ramprasad Bismil resided during freedom movement. “SHAHID ROSHAN SINGH” also belongs to Shahjahanpur.
Shahjahanpur, contributed a great role in freedom movement of 1857 between district Bareilly and Lucknow. At a time, NANA SAHIB PESHWA , SHEHJADE from Delhi, AHAMAD ULLAH SHAH from Faizabad and KHAN BAHADUR KHAN from Bareilly united here and planned for further improvements in struggle. Unfortunately, Maulvi Ahamad Ullah Shah was died by British Government inPowayan.

Even, in the struggle of 1857 freedom fighters Maulvi Ahamad Ullah Shah, Nazim Ali and Bakshi could not get success but later SHAHID RAMPRASAD BISMIL, ASHFAQULLAH KHAN and ROSHAN SINGH from Shahjahanpur gave their major contribution in “FREEDOM MOVEMENT”. Ramprasad Bismil with their friends made a society “MITRAVEDI SANGH” in the leadership of Shri Gendalal Dixit. Main motto of it was to collect funds for struggle. But, there was a lack in funds, so they started Robbery. Ramprasad Bismil was main accused of “MAINPURI KAND”.

After, “CHORI-CHORA KAND” , Mahatama Gandhi postponed movement. Then, Ramprasad Bismil made “HINDUSTAN ASSOCIATION” with Shri Yogesh Chatterjee. To implement the plan, there was a need of fund. First they collected “Contribution”. But, this contribution was not enough to overcome PLAN. So, they started robbery.
On, 9 August, 1925, CHANDRA SHEKHAR AZAD, BISMIL, ASHFAQULLAH KHAN and LAHRI robbered Government Funds near “KAKORI” railway station. On, 26th December, 1925,40 persons were arrested in this case. Ramprasad Bismil, Ashfaqullah Khan, Roshan Singh, Premkishan Khanna, Banvari Lal, Hargovind, Indra Bhusan, Jagdish and Banarasi were from Shahjahanpur. British Government decided this case on 19 December, 1927. Shri Ramprasad Bismil hanged in the prison of Gorakhpur, Shri Ashfaqullah Khan hanged in the prison of Faizabad and Shri Roshan Singh hanged in the prison of Malaka (Allahabad). This was a great contibution of these freedom fighters who belong to Shahjahanpur in “FREEDOM MOVEMENT”.